Forum Rules Extreme Coding

  1. Posting Rules

    Before posting, search. There is no point opening a duplicate topic - maybe somebody has already answered your question

    Any kind of spamming will automatically be dealt with an official warning.

    Any posts which contain illegal, racist, threatening, offensive or pornographic content will result with a warning, or if necessary a ban.

    Post in the right section. We know this can sometimes be hard, but try your best. And if you see a topic in the wrong category, report it, and leave the moderators to deal with it.

    Use appropriate titles. Relate them as much as possible to the topic. Please refrain from adding special characters to them.

    No "bumping" within 14 hours. If you bump your topic, you will be given an un-official warning. The second time you bump a topic, you will be given an official warning.

    No swearing. It goes without saying.

  2. Behavior around the forum

    Respect staff members. They volunteer to help us, they don't get paid. So please be kind to them.

    Respect other members. Make other members feel welcome to EC. If they have done something wrong, report them!

    Multiple accounts will be automatically dealt with a permanent ban or account deletion.

    Moderators decisions are final. No arguments. If you think a moderator is not doing their job properly, report them.

    If you advertise via PM, you will lose the ability to PM.

  3. Avatar and Profile Rules

    If you use your avatar to advertise, it will be removed and you will receive a warning.

    If your signature or avatar contains sexual or illegal content, you will receive a warning and it will be removed.

    Your "hobby, job, location, humor" etc. is not an advertising space. If you use it to advertise, you will receive a warning and it will be removed.